Workshop Three and Follow-Up

Great workshop today. Following this link will take you to the list of tasks you need to complete:

  • Upload your student projects, syllabi, and project description;
  • Faculty survey (for our research);
  • FSSE Survey (for ODU);
  • NSSE (for ODU);
  • Annotated bibliography (for grant project).

Be sure to mark the document with a “Y” when you have completed the task. After these tasks are completed, your work with us is done.

Workshop Two

This Friday, November 21st  we will be having our second of three workshops. The first one, led by Dr. Patrick Bahls, did much of the overview work we were hoping for. Now, we get down to specifics and start integrating writing into our syllabi and projects in preparation for next semester.

We have created a fillable table where all thirteen of us will track our progress in fulfilling our responsibilities. It is a fully editable Google Doc that is available here. I trust that all of us will be attentive in ensuring the completion of all our tasks over the course of next semester and what’s left of this current one, and this starts by saving this link in your browser or in your own Drive folder. We will be returning to it often, and the content and/or dates are subject to change.

For Friday, as indicated by the table, each participant must do the following:

  • Read the remainder of Dr. Bahls’s book, focusing primarily on the first four chapters. As a faculty member in the STEM region of the university, he provides insights into the processes behind integrating writing into teaching that are most useful and stimulating.
  • Review the QEP definition of “writing” on pages 11 through 14 of the QEP Handbook. This will help establish a “common definition” (we’ll see about this) from which we will work.
  • Complete the FSSE Survey (approximately 10-15 minutes). This is required as part of the QEP research items. The link is in the Google Doc above.
  • Bring in one syllabi and one project from this semester from the course you are wishing to revise in terms of the integration of writing. The revision of these documents will drive a portion of the workshop. Electronic copies are fine, as you will be asked to upload these documents to a Google Drive folder for recording and data collection purposes.

Our second workshop will be held in the same location, 1310 Learning Commons, and will run from 12pm—4pm. Lunch will be served at 12pm, with the workshop proper starting at 12:30pm. Please try and come for lunch, as developing community is a key component of what we’re doing here.

Let us know if you have any questions about the table, anything covered above, or anything even remotely related to this initiative.

Your FLC Leaders

Hello FLC!

Hi there, FLC–

This is our first post for our shared web space together. This blog will be used to update participants, share information about the workshops, and act as a clearinghouse for our research and other sources related to writing in the disciplines.

Our first workshop is Friday, Oct. 17th from 9am-4pm (come at 8:30am for breakfast!). This include breakfast and afternoon refreshments, as well as lunch. Please bring the following:

  • Laptop, tablet, and/or pen and paper
  • Sample major writing assignment from a course you have taught recently or are teaching this semester
  • Patrick Bahls’s book, Student Writing in the Quantitative Disciplines, specifically having read Chapters 1 through 4.

Let Megan ( or Dan ( know if you have any questions.

Until later,

Your FLC leaders